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Hygiene- Soft Tissue Management


 What is the foundational value of your practice?

The life-blood of the dental practice comes from the hygiene department. Practices that have a strong foundation within their hygiene protocols are able to grow exponentially compared to the offices with weak hygiene systems. Not only does this system build the life-long patient relationships needed to sustain your practice, it also drives the need for restorative work with greater case acceptance over time.

Building the foundation for success

The hygiene soft tissue management module is often paired with the patient base management module for enhanced practice growth. Within this module Promotion Management Consultants will work closely with your hygiene and administrative team to build the foundational value of your practice so that you may turn your vision and goals into a reality every day.

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Average Module ROI -Return On Investment- realized within

Hygiene- Soft Tissue Management (3-day) Training Module:

  • Evaluation and analysis of hygiene treatment codes
  • Training for non-surgical periodontal therapy case presentations
  • Develop hygiene treatment plans utilizing the latest industry methods
  • Learn how to maximize hygiene treatment plans with insurance companies
  • Implement hygiene education materials to increase case acceptance

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