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Patient Base Management

How do you build and maintain your patient base?

Do You Know Your True Active Patient Base?

Understanding the true active patient base will help the practice owner make sound business decisions that allow for growth and meeting business goals. The management of these patients is essential in making decisions such as:

  • When to add more team members
  • How to strategically grow your hygiene department for profit
  • Determine when to add associates
  • Calculate facility growth

Without this essential business module in place, the business owner is forced to make “gut” decisions and lives in fear of overhead costs that come along with premature team additions.

Don’t live in fear of increasing overheads to grow your business

Promotion Management Consultants can help you manage this core business system and assist you in the action plans surrounding your business goals.

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Average Module ROI -Return On Investment- realized within

Patient Base Management (3-day) Training Module:

  •  Analysis of active patient base
  • A strategic system where no patient falls through the cracks
  • Increase retention in the hygiene department
  • Create enhanced electronic and written notifications for patients
  • Learn effective communication skills to increase case acceptance
  • Bring past due patients back into the practice
  • Minimize no-shows and cancellations
  • Calendared tasks for administrative team to drive system

Let Promotion Management Consultants help you strategically grow your business!

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