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New Patient Experience

Make that great first impression on all new patients.

Make the Right Impression the First Time

Many practices have new patient protocols in place. These protocols tend to be routine and predictable for the patient. The “set yourself apart” factor is lost because the team just goes through the motions, shuffling the patient through the process.

In this consumer-driven market, it is imperative that you and your team “set yourself apart” from the rest. Building lifelong patients and getting the “yes” to case acceptance requires an experience that the patient is hard pressed to find elsewhere. While patients may find your office through multiple marketing streams, it is up to you and your team to capture them through their new patient experience.

Building your business in a consumer-driven market

Promotion Management Consultants can help you break down the process into a value-driven process. We will take the predictable routine and train you and your team on how to drive the process to a place where your new patients talk about you for days, weeks, even months after the experience. Your marketing dollars spent to bring them in need to be turned on the focus to keep them and drive more new patients your way.

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New Patient Experience (3-day) Training Module:

    • Develop protocols for establishing a relationship on initial contact
    • Communication strategies for preparing the team before the new patient arrives
    • Develop written and/or electronic packet for the new patient that sets you apart
    • Establishing the first 90-second rule
    • Techniques for the listen and tell interview
    • Strategy training for the consultation
    • Understanding the commitment to be a complete process
    • Learn internal marketing strategies for continued growth

Let Promotion Management Consultants help you in this consumer-driven market!

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