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Financial Management

Sound financial training for both income and expenses.

 Make Cents Out of Your Financials

Financial management within in the dental practice is one of the most stressful areas of running a dental business. Many dentists look for strong team members to handle this part of the business so they can concentrate on the clinical side of the business.

 Gain control of all financial aspects of the practice

The financial health of the practice determines how the business can move forward with reaching their vision and goals. Promotion Management Consultants can help both the doctors and teams gain control over all the areas of financial management within the practice.

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Financial Management (4-day) Training Module:

Collection Strategies

  • Analysis of accounts receivable
  • Calendared business processes for your financial coordinator
  • Strategies for collection phone calls and follow-up
  • Build in-office workbook for report management
  • Learn best practice protocols for accounts receivable management

Financing Options for the Patient

  • Increase treatment plan acceptance 
  • Remove fear of cost from the equation
  • Develop financing presentation that will lead to “Yes”
  • Financing options that does not have you playing bank
  • Empower your financial coordinator with effective communication processes

Insurance Management

  • Minimize billing statements
  • Strategies on dealing with in-network limitations
  • Improve collections through improved detail insurance verification
  • Strategies for electronic filing
  • Master insurance coding

Overhead & Fee Analysis

  • Profit & Loss analysis
  • Chart of Account review
  • Cost containment strategies to increase profits
  • Action plans to reach best practice overheads
  • Budget coaching for teams to control variable costs
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Coaching for fee presentation to increase case acceptance
  • Bonus system strategies for the team
  • Reinvestment action plan for practice growth

Let Promotion Management Consultants help you gain control of your financials!

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