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Case Management

Case management is a crucial component of training.

Watch Your Practice Grow

Case management is key to growing a dental practice. The practices that are able to hone in on the details of their case management see immediate growth. Promotion Management Consultants works with clients to break down the process and allow teams to work smarter and not harder.

The Difference is in the Details

  • Are you spending wasted time searching for missing information and paperwork?
  • Do you document correctly for your own legal protection?
  • Is your case presentation system inconsistent and unorganized?
  • Do you feel like your team could learn more about presenting treatment?
  • Do your patients understand all of the services you provide?
  • Are you interested in gaining the case acceptance for the dentistry you want to do?
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Average Module ROI -Return On Investment- realized within

Case Management (3-day) Training Module:


  • Learn documentation strategies for enhanced communication between clinical and administrative teams
  • Implement critical factors of documentation to reduce legal liabilities
  • Develop phased treatment recommendations for easy follow-up
  • Maximize documentation systems within your practice management software

Treatment Coordination

  • Learn follow up strategies on incomplete treatment plans
  • Establish concrete team roles for presentation to increase case acceptance
  • Learn how to present affordable financials that will benefit the patient and the practice
  • Reinforce case options through strategic scheduling

Patient Education

  • Learn how to draw on other core business systems to drive presentations
  • Implement an education-based program to increase case acceptance
  • Utilize and track the use of technology in all case presentations
  • Create practice materials that set your patient experience beyond expectations

Let Promotion Management Consultants help you with the details!

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