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Business Analytics

We teach you how to track and analyze your new office procedures.

Business Analytics = X-ray of Your Practice

Practice management software programs can offer you a wonderful array of reports that provide hard numbers.

The question is….

  • What do you do with those numbers?
  • How do you set up projections utilizing your existing reports?

Your Business: Visual Exam vs. X-ray

Practice management reports only account for the “visual exam” of your practice, whereas; Business Analytics is considered the x-ray into your practice. With this information, you are better equipped to make business decisions based on factual data as opposed to “gut instinct.”

When looking at the business world outside of dentistry, many companies utilize consulting firms to provide analytics so they are able to set realistic goals for the business and navigate around the fluctuations of the business cycle with strategic plans.

Realistic Goals with Strategic Plans

Effective business management starts with understanding your business numbers. Whether you are a start-up practice that provided projections for your bank loan or established dental practice that has been around for over 10 years, the analytics of your dental practice is essential for knowing the key opportunities available to you.

The Business Analytics (Monthly Service) Overview:

  • Simple daily tracking
  • Calculation of statistics
  • Time behavior analytics
  • Productivity analytics
  • Patient care analytics
  • Advanced system analytics
  • No cookie-cutter answers
  • Strategy planning around Vision, Growth, & Goals

Promotion Management Consultants provides our clients with the analytic tools needed to “see” the behaviors of the practice. This higher level of knowledge allows the practice owner greater understanding of their business and what areas need to be addressed and enhanced.

Let Promotion Management Consultants take your numbers to the next level!

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