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Customized Solutions for Greater Impact

Promotion Management Consultants is a dental business training and development firm that works with private dental practices to develop customized solutions that have an impact on your bottom line.

The founding partners were impressed with the talent demonstrated by big firms but disillusioned with the competing priorities and bureaucracy that often hindered expected results.  They knew implementation could be done smarter and resolved to build a firm of advisors with a sharp focus on results. That same purpose defines PMC today. The delivery of successful client implementation remains PMC’s top priority; everything we do supports that objective.

PMC’s Top Priority is Delivering Successful Client Implementation

Our advisors have the experience and creativity to find the right solution for you and your market. We have sat on both sides of the table for more than two decades – and we know that every situation has unique characteristics. With the increasingly cost competitive healthcare industry, dental practices are struggling to do more with less. Our clients trust our understanding of the business of dentistry and find our advice leads to real financial and operational impact.

With the rapid changes in healthcare, there are no cookie-cutter solutions that work. Our experienced advisors start by observing and listening to you and your unique circumstances in order to handcraft a solution that is right for you.

Understand the “Why” and not just the “How”

We believe in showing our clients the most valuable part of our work – the thinking behind our recommendations – rather than hiding behind a black box. We will walk you through the thought process that led to our plan of action, so you know the “Why” and not just the “How” of what we are advising.

At Promotion Management Consultants, we are more than advisors. We take ownership of your challenges, roll up our sleeves, and get in the trenches with you to solve problems.

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